Advanced Procedures

Advanced procedures may offer an alternative.​

Many patients suffering with chronic pain have tried medical therapy and injection therapy. Sometimes medications and injection are insufficient to restore function in patients with complex pain problems. Some medications are associated with uncomfortable side effects.

Advanced procedures may offer an alternative to pain medications and conventional injection therapies, such as epidurals, nerve blocks, and radio frequency ablations.

Relievant/Intracept Procedure

A minimally invasive procedure which targets the basivertebral nerve is now available.

Superion by Vertiflex

An outpatient surgical procedure for lumbar spinal stenosis for patients who are not candidates for spine surgery.

Spinal Cord Stimulation

SCS is a well-established pain treatment which includes a small implanted device that transmits mild electrical pulses to the spinal cord.

Spine Pain from Metastatic Cancer

OsteoCool Radiofrequency Ablation is an advanced procedure for treating the pain caused by spinal metastatic disease.


Percutaneous Balloon Kyphoplasty

Kyphoplasty is a minimally invasive treatment option for patients with acute or chronic vertebral compression fractures.

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