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It may take a long time for us to find ways to decrease the frequency and intensity of your pain. Even if we reduce your pain by only a little bit doing so consistently may lead to a better quality of life. In this resource section I want to provide chronic pain patients with an edited list of resources that they can explore before, during, or after seeing a pain specialist.

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One of the challenges we will face together is understanding this mysterious disease called ‘the chronic pain syndrome.’   We are both dependent on what the brain’s signaling system is trying to tell us. In a way it’s as if we are hunting for answers in darkness or trying to decipher an ancient language. I am building a library of videos that may help patients learn more about chronic pain. If you come across any videos or resources you feel could be helpful to patients or doctors please let me know.

Brainman Videos

These videos created by Hunter New England Health (HNE Health) provide a great way to explain chronic pain.  

Brainman Understanding Pain

brainman understanding pain
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Brainman chooses – towards an evidence based approach.

brainman chooses
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Brainman Stops His Opiods

brainman stops opiods
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Ted Talks

How does your brain respond to pain?

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